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William Hinsch Portrait Artist Featured in The News Tribune

News Tribune Portrait Artist

William Hinsch Portrait Artist Featured in The News Tribune


The Ohio State University…77  Oregon “Who”… 31  Did someone say Joe Burrows left for LSU? Mr. Haskins looks quite capable of direction the offensive soldiers this year. Did anyone happen to notice that there were no offensive time outs? A common thing when Urban is in charge. I have always been a firm believer in the old Satchel Paige quote that went something like this, “Don’t look back, someone may be gaining on you.” You get the point.

Patrolman John Handy (Class of 1970) graced the treated wooden planks of the “deck-majal” the other day. He had a day off from driving cars for Jim Schmidt so we visited for a good 40 minutes and caught up on some old stories. You might wonder why I placed patrolman in front of his name. John followed in his Uncle Bill Handy’s footsteps as a youngster and patrolled the streets of Hicksville, fighting crime for 6 years.

It seemed like we had the upper hand when John was on duty. There were a few times when the outcome might have been a little different if another officer was in the cruiser when we were on the streets. We will have to get into a few of those stories at a later date.

He and his wife Mary (Evans) Handy (Class of 1973) are both retired from the work force now and are enjoying retirement. Occasionally I see these two along with Mary’s father Doug Evans (Class of 1950) at Magpie’s on Friday nights when the fish are being deep fried and served with curlies and coleslaw. My favorite! It is always good talking with old friends!

I received a nice letter from Loren Smith (Class of 1957). The article I wrote about Ray “Cork” Arrants spurred his memory as he informed me that there currently is a professional baseball player on the Chicago Cubs baseball team that is related to Cork. Ian Happ is the great-great-grandson of Cork. He is a descendent of Ray’s daughter Phyllis (Class of 1928) who is Loren’s aunt. Thanks Loren. It’s a small world out there.

Lynn Haver (Mark Center Class of 1954) stopped by the other day a dropped off a few fresh garden veggies. He handed me a paper and said he needed a little ink in the Tribune to promote the “Huber Boys” latest gig. There will be another “Meet The Cops” day at the Huber on September 20 from 9-11. Free coffee and donuts will be furnished. Come on up and check out your police force.

Did You Know: that almost 90 years ago in 1929 the St. Valentine’s massacre occurred, the stock market plummeted marking the first disaster of the Great Depression, and the senior class of Hicksville High School dedicated their Hixonian to their worthy coach and teacher Leighton Conkey who received his degree from Defiance College and was hired by the school board in 1925.

The school board President included the Hicksville’s distinguished lawyer L.E. (Leander) Griffin (1858-1938). Other members included Mrs. C.C. Howenstine, Frank Laub, O.S. Applegate, and Alfred Booth.

Some seniors graduating in 1929 included Wilbur Beree, Maurice and Fordyce McCurdy, Walter Sholl, Walter “Babe” Smith, and Robert Hoff.

I glanced at the ads in the back and could find only 3 businesses that still exist today. They include The News Tribune, the Hicksville Grain Company under the management of Hollis Grover, and Crook & Son Company (they had not yet consolidated with the Miller Manufacturing Co.)





Willie’s Trivia…A quiz all about things that happened on September 3rd throughout history from all around the world. 1. On September 3 1944 which European country’s capital was liberated? 2. Which Pope was elected on a September 3rd 1914? 3. What important event in French history happened on September 3, 1791? 4. What famous document was signed on September 3, 1783? 5. On Septemer 3, 1995 what was the Biritsh government accused of covering up? 6. Nicholas I was crowned ______ on September 3, 1826. 7. Where did a space craft land on a September 3rd in history? 8. On September 3, 1966 Captain John Ridgway and Sergeant Chay Blyth became the first Britons to _______ . 9. Captain Leefe Robinson was the first pilot to do what during World War I on September 3 1916? 10. Can you identify this week’s “POTP”?”

Last week’s “POTP” was a little different than all the previous pictures. This was taken by a drone from an area near the back yard the old “Crook” house. Bob Fisher currently resides in this stately home that has been well taken care of over the years. I might go as far to say this historic home is the cornerstone of all houses in our community.

I want to stop there for a second and discuss these new electrical drones that are available today. I first came into contact with one of these devises that had 4 propellers when grandson Austin was demonstrating his drone to the family one day. He could place a camera in this airborn piece of plastic and it could travel great distances and then hover over a particular spot to take pictures. Unbelievable!

In last week’s picture you are looking east towards the water tower and the main business section of Hicksville. The numerous silo’s of the Hicksville Grain Company in the background present quite a different picture than the pictures taken for the 1960 version that was produced in early 60 years ago.

As I mentioned last week Billy Dean Hinsch was in town last week to make a presentation to the Hicksville Rotary Club promoting the new video on Hicksville that is, if I might add, very professionally compiled.

His short presentation consisted of a short 10 minute clip that was divided into three sections of the video as well as to discuss the booklet that will also be available.

The first section has the title sequence from the original 1960s video, a clip of the fire truck, his sister, brother, and then Bill.

When Bill’s sister and brother come in view on the front sidewalk of the old school building on Smith Street, it freezes, circles them, and has their name and age appear on screen. It stays like this for around 6-7 seconds before moving on. Bill says,“That’s my sister, Lee Hinsch (Class of 1965)who raised two Air Force vets…. and that’s my brother Ray (Class of 1961)….who went on to become a super salesman and a great father and husband.”

The second part of the presentation shows young Billy Dean, age 5, in the library, it freezes on this youngster, then circles him.

2: Next is the pilot, showing the 4.5 minutes of footage that has been filmed so far. Bill said he and his crew were in town and professionally filmed many locations about the community.

3: The last section of the presentation started with the $500 Napa store advertorial played in the core video. It played about 10-15 seconds of the video (same part as in the pilot) before freezing and showing $500 front and center.

After freezing on that for about 5 seconds, it went into the 30 second NAPA store part. This part played all the way through because it’s not in the pilot and at the very end shows $250 front and center. Bill mentions that they used NAPA for both just to demonstrate the difference between the one minute version, which will include personal , family, and historical things as opposed to the 30 second that will merely show the commercial aspect of the business, while both are still advertorial in its use, undifferentiated from the editorial parts of the film.

The city, organizations, clubs, groups, and merchants will support the production of the video for all of us to purchase and enjoy forever.

Out of curiosity I wanted to see if there were any websites where I could find Bill and some of his work. As you all know he is Hicksville’s most celebrated artist and continues to produce paintings and drawings professionally.

Sure enough I found this master after typing his name. This website shows many of his pet paintings, his caricatures of people that he so eloquently drew and placed in the front and rear of the 1973 Hixonian., portraits and people paintings, and scenery. It shows our native son sitting next to the easel with his magical paintbrush in hand. Thanks Bill for all you are doing for us in your home town.














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