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Bill Hinsch

Creative, detail-oriented, always focused. Enthusiastic, passionate with a great sense of humor.




William Hinsch has been painting professionally for more than three decades. Much of his work consists of portraits, including many self-portraits, friends, family aviation pioneers, and celebrities. He specializes in oil paintings and drawings in pencil, charcoal, and mixed media. Bill’s images invite you into his subjects daily lives. Luscious meaty brushwork and subtle shadings keep you riveted to his unique way of seeing. Bill’s work has been described as sensuous, emotional, vital, and alive. Often they are introspective and very personal. His nudes are classic. His lighter work including caricatures shows great insight into peoples quirks and characters— the truth that can’t be seen in photographs. Though his work is representational more often than not, abstract passages appear in his canvases adding a fresh contemporary feel to them, while still reminiscent of classical approaches to art. They are a fusion of the ideal and the informal caught in a moment.


Bill Hinsch is a world-renowned artist, born and raised in the great state of Ohio. He has been illustrating for nearly 60 years and has been executing brilliant works of art professionally for the better part of five decades. Not only is Bill an expert illustrator and masterful painter, but he is also a philosophical, theoretical whiz with a knack for thinking deep. He doesn’t only put marks on canvas, he also constructs ideas which can be, often times, difficult to put into words. In addition to being an artist and a metaphorical thinker, Bill is also (maybe most importantly) a family man. This can play an important role in Bill’s skill set because it gives Bill a great sense of empathy and boosts his relatability. Are you interested in a portrait of a loved one? Bill can summon the heart and soul of a persons spirit down to their absolute purest self.


Bill Hinsch started out drawing silly comic book superheroes as a kid and then graduated to portraits and caricatures. He worked as a young man as an illustrator and information artist in the Newspaper and magazine industry. Later, in the early 90’s, Bill co-invented the Learning Map, a methodology that helped companies communicate strategy to employees.

Today Bill paints for fun and profit. His artwork is both detailed and semi-loose with a pinch of naturalness thrown in. But it always seeks to show people, pets, and scenery’s in their best light.


Bill Hinsch can cover it all, from caricatures and cartoons to metaphorical concepts, to captivating portraits & realistic scenes.


If you are interested in hiring Bill for your visualization wants and needs, He can be reached at Info@Bill-Art.com or just call: 419-819-8338.


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