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Emily Hinsch

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Emily Hinsch

Emily Is our Gap-Filler plugging in to make the wheels go round and keep the trains running on time.



Being also a creative at heart with a lifelong penchant for drawing and making beautiful objects from found items, her passion has settled on crafting. Wall hangings,  blankets, and nicely designed glass bottles seem to be the current focus for her creative juices. But her exquisite pour paint canvases stand out as a particular passion she keeps coming back to.


Emily is the creative force behind our crafting efforts including the bobbleheads and specialty gifts. She works with clients to get just what they want and applies a deep knowledge of what works, what doesn’t and how it can be better for you. Occasionally assisting on video shoots Em has distinguished her usefulness in organizing projects so they run smoothly helping to create an easy atmosphere on location. She lives in Perrysburg Ohio with her boyfriend Hudson and their two cats, Micah, and Lucy that keeps her on her toes.

Emily handles all our customer service and order fulfillment. If any problems occur or you just have a question she can be reached at Info@Bill-Art.com or just call: 419-819-8338.

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